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Alexis Sanchez the one player I didn’t want to leave Barça. But these things happen. Thanks to Alexis for 3 years at Barça, scoring goals and winning trophies. Still gonna be one of my favorite forwards & will support him, and I wish him success in the future. 😭❤️#ThanksAlexis #Barça

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 My guardian angel,

The day has come. You’re leaving. While it is a law of life, it is impossible for me to imagine a Barça without you. If I look back and remember Paris or Rome, the first image that comes to mind is you lifting the European Cup. In Wembley you’re ceding the honor to Abi, a detail that still makes you greater. My generation and those that come behind do not know what a Barça is without Puyi in defense, with the armband and the  ’5’ on the back. I guess nothing will ever be the same.

I met you almost 6 years ago. You were the captain and emblem of the team, and I just a youth coming to take on the world. From the first day we had a great relationship, as much on the field as off it. By your side I felt protected, knowing that if one day I failed, you would be there to save me. You are my guardian angel.

I want you to know that I will miss our talks in the locker room, your advice and more than anything else you giving us hell on the pitch. You are unique, one of a kind. It makes me laugh when they talk about signing ‘the new Puyol’. May they keep looking, because they will never find him.

Thanks for everything, Puyi. (x)

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